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At no time in history has the job market been as competitive as it is today. It doesn’t matter what profession or industry you’re in, you can be sure that there are multiple qualified applicants for every job posting. When you need to get ahead of your competition, look no further than our resume writing services in Austin, TX!

Our resume writing services are designed to market your skills, knowledge, experience, education, and capabilities, highlighting what you bring to the table. We can help you advance your position in the job market by creating the finest resume to get you an offer of employment from a company that deserves you!

Not only do we write compelling and effective resumes, we also provide a full suite of job search writing services. From cover letters and follow up letters to LinkedIn profile summaries to acceptance letters, the team at AMW Resume Services is your partner in finding the best company for you to call home. Been out of the job market for a while? A little rusty on the interview process? We also offer interview and negotiation coaching, providing you with the best assistance from professionals who remain current and well versed in the current state of the job market.

Our full list of offerings:

Resume Writing

When you hire AMW Resume Service, we take the time to conduct an in-depth interview that allows us to get to know who you are as a person as well as a professional. We then work with you on the writing process with strategic planning of content, formatting, writing, and revisions. You will end up with a polished product in multiple digital formats that will satisfy application requirements.

Cover Letters

Gone are the days of getting away with sending a potential employer a form cover letter. To get past the screening phase of the candidate process, you need a cover letter that is targeted to that employer. We will work with you to research the company, find out their needs, then craft a convincing message that explains how you can fill their needs.

Follow-up Letters/Thank You Letters

In any employment search, follow-up is key, but what is appropriate? It depends on the industry. When you work with us, we will combine our experience with research and your input from the interview process to create a professional follow-up correspondence that will keep your name on the top of the candidate stack!

Continuing Interest Letters

Often the new hire pipeline can stretch out for weeks, or even months. With a continuing interest letter, you can affirm to your potential employer that you are still interested in a position with their company. As with anything in life, timing is everything, a well timed continuing interest letter can keep your name in the race for that offer letter!

Reference List

To quote Jean-Louis Gasse; “Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good”. A quality reference list will provide the social proof you need to tell your future company that you are a worthwhile candidate and an asset to any organization you affiliate yourself with.


The job market is complex and everchanging. Our experienced coaches will work with you to help navigate your job search strategically. We provide coaching to assist you in determining not only the right position for you, but also the type of company or organization that would be a good fit. Additionally, we can help you with optimizing your LinkedIn profile, your interview skills, and compensation negotiation of the job offer. Some clients prefer to create their own resumes and other job search documentation by taking advantage of our writing coaching. When you contact us we will help you discover the best service and/or coaching to serve your needs.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Have a group of professionals that would benefit from our expertise? Does your company require transition assistance to outgoing staff? We offer customized workshops and speaking solutions. Contact us today to discuss your needs!


When it comes to your job search, there is no one size fits all approach. Your quest for the right position is as unique as you. Let the experienced team at AMW Resumes assist  you with all aspects of your job search. We’re here to partner with you in creating the right resume to attract the right employer for the right job and right compensation! Not in Austin? That’s ok, we are accustomed to working with clients across the U.S. and internationally as well.