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Quote icon“I received confirmation for the job in Florida! Just wanted to thank you for all your help…you guided me through some of the critical areas and that made the difference. There were 400 local applicants for only two openings and I am fortunate to have been chosen. Thank you so very much!”

— J. Craven

Quote icon“Thanks for helping me get this job! Your services are priceless! You’ve got to be one of the best in your field! My resume turned out so professional and savvy! I felt quite comfortable interviewing! Negotiating was actually fun after having the benefit of your coaching. I knew what to ask for in negotiations and when we finished, he actually apologized for his sweaty palms and said ‘You are tough!’”

— A. Hager

Quote icon“As a VP level sales executive, I was looking for my resume to command the attention of all who read it. I was extremely satisfied with the results that AMW achieved for me, I was complimented by nearly everyone who read it and more importantly, it was an invaluable tool in opening doors in my executive level career search. AMW will continue to be my choice for career marketing needs!”

— T. Christman

Quote icon“I have secured a position with an extremely reputable, long standing company, with which I will have tremendous opportunity for advancement. Your ability to ask just the right questions and interpret the answers made my resume perfect…without it my chances of remembering everything may have hindered my securing this position. Thank you again!”

— D. Stuart

Quote icon“I’d written my resume myself based on some models that I found in books. I thought that it was okay until AMW took a look at it. Based on a short interview about my work experience and educational background, they were able to change my resume so that, not only did it look more professional, but it also highlighted those qualifications that lead to my landing my current job. I truly think that my new resume enhanced my credibility with potential employers, and was one of the things that directly aided me in landing the perfect job.”

— B. Johnson

Quote icon“I uploaded my resume to 3 different company websites about 2 weeks ago. I have already received 3 calls and several emails. I had my first phone interview yesterday and was offered a position. Feedback from these companies was that my resume was put together really, really well. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.”

— E. Battley

Quote icon“I had AMW rewrite my resume and I had a job in 1 month. Coincidence, maybe, but I had used my own resume for 3 months and I had no responses.”

— T. Graham

Quote icon“Karen, want to thank you for all the hard work you put into this undertaking. The HR rep read over the resume and was so impressed with it she submitted it for consideration for an additional position. I can’t thank you enough for all your help, understanding, and advice. I will definitely recommend you to others.”

— T. Carlton

Quote icon“Karen’s resume writing skills are phenomenal! The resume looked great and represented me. The thing I liked the best, which helped me in various aspects of my job search, was the interview she did to learn about what to put on the resume. Her questions helped me clarify my skills in my own mind and helped me realize what I had to offer.”

— L. Hess

Quote icon“My resume is something I’m proud to send out to potential employers. I know that the first impression will be positive and the information provided will help them make the right decision.”

— L. Scott

Quote icon“Karen was incredible and she took my resume to the next level. I paid for several services in the past and wanted to save money, keeping it at $100 or less. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true as I did not get many responses. Once I hired Karen, companies started contacting me and I found a great job within months. She is worth every penny.”

— R. Leon

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