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Why Hire a Writer?

  • Your résumé is the most valuable self-marketing tool you can use and the first place to start your job search!
  • Even if you are an excellent writer, it is difficult to be objective when writing your own self-marketing document or résumé…don’t sell yourself short with anything less than a professionally prepared résumé by a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW).
  • Résumé styles and content preferences constantly change (as does the English language)…to be assured your résumé does not reflect outdated, embarrassing formats or information, put the expertise of AMW Résumé Service to work for you.
  • Do you know what it takes for your résumé to pass the 8 – 10 second scan by a potential employer to screen your résumé in or out? AMW Résumé Service does! 
  • The average worker will change jobs at least ten times and careers two to three times…will you be ready when opportunity knocks? You will be confident in your AMW prepared résumé and job search documents.

Are you selling yourself short with your current résumé?

You will optimize your marketability with an AMW prepared résumé!

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